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Searching the forum via URL--is it possible?


Well-known member
Is there a way to search the forum strictly by using a URL?

This does not work, as it takes you to the search form:


This is what results after you search on the term "testing", with a search identifier in the URL:


I have a couple of instances where I want to have a visitor click a link to hop to a search results page. Plus, there is one other application for this type of URL that I want to implement.


Well-known member
Oh man...I had thought about putting something in there, but didn't try it. Thanks! Works perfectly.

I'm going to play around with the queries a bit more and see what else I can do with them. One of my ideas might even result in a small add-on for XF... ;)


Well-known member
You can also specify search/search which is the action of the search form. That will submit the search like you want. For example:

That seems a little more stable than what I "stole" from the address bar. I see it uses "keywords=" instead. For my purposes, I only need the keyword search, but I should probably scan the documentation to see what other options are available (unless they are not documented yet).