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XF 1.4 Search only within nodes??


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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere...

When I search for a keyword within root/home I get no results, but if I search within a node I get results.. is there a way around this?

People don't always know what node thread was in...


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Searching in 'All Forums' will return hits from all nodes.

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I just tried that and it doesn't work, no results..but when I pick one of the sub-forums below all forums it works again.

Edit - I should add that I am searching for a 3 letter phrase, I understand there was some issues with this in the past (MySQL settings etc). I tested it with a longer phrase and it does work.

The 3 letter phrase will search within a forum, but not from 'all forums'... any way to resolve that?


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Check the minimum word length settings, in the ACP and the my.cnf file.
Thanks, I set it correctly in ACP and will get into my.cnf to look, I was just wondering why it wasn't searching from general but was within specific forum/nodes. Thanks for your input.