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Fixed Search Members dropdown doesn't bind to window

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by trilogy33, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. trilogy33

    trilogy33 Well-Known Member

    Relatively minor style issue and happens here on xenforo.com
    Hard to explain but here's a screenie below.


    When browser window is contracted (made a smaller width), the members dropdown box loses its position and doesn't "bind" to the above window.
    Tested in FF 8
  2. Robbo

    Robbo Well-Known Member

    I was only able to reproduce by going from maximized <-> resized. Assuming the browser doesn't send the same event as when resizing manually.
  3. trilogy33

    trilogy33 Well-Known Member

    Affects XF v1.0.4 too, so perhaps a legacy thing carried over.
    It doesn't affect the Useful Searches dropdown. Thought I'd test that whilst there, that box disappears happily when clicked away from. Coolio. :D
  4. Robbo

    Robbo Well-Known Member

    Yes, the auto complete doesn't use the same overlay code as everything else it seems. I'm pretty sure this just requires a small change.
  5. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member


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