"Scheduled" conversation sequence

El Porcharo

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Has anyone ever thought about a scheduled sequence of messages to sent to new users time by time?

I'm thinking about sending them a few periodical tips to get the most out of the platform and also and enjoying it at most.
Something like an extended "New user welcome" option, that will send scheduled conversation messages since when they register.

I know this could be done by subscribing them to a mailing list but sometimes people don't like to be bothered in their mailbox while sometimes they might be receiving loads of emails so that ours gets lost or not even read at all.

I also think that letting them find a new message on their forum inbox when they come back, will let them feel more considered and would make them fond of the community.

Has any of you set something like this, before? How did did/would you manage it?

I didn't see any add-on for that!

Cheers! ;)


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@El Porcharo something like this?

There was an Alpha version but I can't see it anymore.
It was quite useful :)

PS: maybe this developer can create or adapt his actual addon: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/bs-scheduled-posting.7462/

El Porcharo

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something like this?
I'm already using Ozzy's add-on, but what I was looking for is a sort of an automated system that start sending conversation sequences once the user registers.

For example:
  • [1st day] the user receive the welcome message (this can be set natively),
  • [2nd day] new message "how to browse the board and topics"
  • [3rd day] new message, "how to properly setup your profile"
  • [5th day] new message "how to write a new post"
  • [7th day] new message "use of the search function and the advanced search"
  • [9th day] new message "the reactions feature"

And so on.

But to work as I meant it, this should be a preset sequence that should start from scratch every time a new member is in.

Like an email marketing automation, if you know what I mean ;)


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That's exactly what I wanted @El Porcharo 😅
This is a mix between autoresponder systems (like https://xenforo.com/community/resources/conversation-essentials.275/ by @Xon and https://xenforo.com/community/resources/conversation-auto-responder.4583/ by @lol768 ), new user notifications (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/nuns-new-user-notification-system.844/ by @ragtek ), extra user criteria ( https://xenforo.com/community/resources/cta-criteria.3006/ by @Brogan ), the Inactive User Mail notifier (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/inactive-user-mail-notifier.517/ by @ragtek ) and the "Message Users" system included at Xenforo.

I send a "huge" first Welcome PM with lots of Calls to Action: link to a "how to start" thread, read the forum guidelines, follow us on facebook& twitter, share the forum with their friends, introduce yourself, add your custom avatar...
Result: almost nobody reads the whole PM.

To send automatic PMs to new members based on certain criteria.
Do not send them altogether, but making like a "sales funnel" and send a different PM each week.

Day 0: as they register they got a normal "Welcome PM": link to "how to start" thread and forum guidelines.
Day 7 (or custom): if no post at "Presentations subforum" ( https://xenforo.com/community/resou...ies-and-notices-criteria-themescorp-com.4455/ by @Allan ) = Hey, introduce yourself here -> LINK
Day 14 (or custom): if no avatar = add your own avatar, here's how.
Day 21: are you already following us at Facebook: do it now!
Day 30: do you want to get read of mailing notifications, here's how.
etc. etc.

So each new member will get a bunch of new PMs on a regular basis, each of the PMs focused on a CTA.
Users can opt-out from getting these automatic PMs.


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We use this plug-in from @ThemeHouse to communicate with users like what you’re looking for. You’re able to create an automated message and have it sent when a user has been a member for X days no problem. It’s part of their subscription plan however so it all depends on your wants/needs.


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For us we use monetize in three different ways, two are very close to what you’re looking for.

First is we send a custom email to users whenever they donate to the website thanking them and including some discount codes to various companies. This first one isn’t really what you’re looking for while the second and third are closer. Next off is a request for users to fill out their signature. We rely heavily on signatures so having users fill this out really is important to us. If a user posts their first post and doesn’t have a sig they’ll get an alert hinting that they should do so, along with a link. This one I suspect is closer to what your vision is, but not exact.

Lastly is what I’d suspect best matches your vision. We’ve off and on ran campaigns via emails asking users to donate to the website. To do this we setup a message in monetize that explains why we need donations and how they help. We then setup custom criteria that made sure users fit the following……..
  1. They were members for at least X amount of days.
  2. They’ve listed at least Y posts.
  3. They hadn’t donated already.
Setting up these filters we made sure to only target active members who were enjoying the site BUT not already a supporter. While we used emails as our platform to reach out, Monetize also offers the ability to send Messages, which would match almost perfectly what you’re envisioning I suspect.