Not a bug RSS Feeds not parsing content


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Then why have the option to use {content} when adding a new feeder? Maybe a warning would be nice as well then I wouldn't have used the feeder. Why release a feature that doesn't fully work? When will this be expected to be added?


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I mean that the exported feeds don't have any content, so there's no content. Other feeds have it and it can be imported.


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You're confusing two separate features.

The RSS feeds produced by a XenForo installation are completely separate to the Feeder application.

You can't disable XenForo forum RSS feeds.
You can however choose not to import feeds from a XenForo forum.


The import feed feature works nice.

only the xf feed is IMO "horrible and half-baked" because the content (or at least a part of the content) is missing.

xf with my add-on:

with standard xf feed we get only the thread title and date which isn't really useful


we're getting offtopic here;)

Have you checked the options?
ACP => Options => ragtek Global Feed => Strip BBCode

Gene Steinberg

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Doesn't work:

[SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]Ray Stanford, (in my estimation) our most experienced veteran of 'UFO studies," will describe for Paracast...


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XenForo RSS feeds don't include content currently.
Mike, will this be addressed at some point? I have to agree with some of the other comments above that the current implementation just seems like a half-baked solution. In my opinion, only having the thread-title in the RSS feed just does not allow us to unlock the full potential of the feeds.

The foundation is there, so why not put it to proper use?
>>>In my opinion, only having the thread-title in the RSS feed just does not allow us to unlock the full potential of the feeds.
BUMP! it's an issue!


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Um, Bump. I have my forum RSS Feeds going to my Mobile App and the whole idea is for people to at least read 'a portion of content' and then if they want to read more "then" they can click the link and go to the source. It's outrageous that XenForo can have an Import Feeder but it won't Export it's own content (other than subject and link). It really sucks because it only teases a person who wants to view stuff away from the source ;-(

On the 'other hand', I have an Auto-RSS-Reader which takes "content" from an RSS Feed then turns it into a nice video presentation (Listen to it, here:) but it only shows the default background image because XenForo doesn't provide enough content for the feature to take the images from a feed and display a nice introduction presentation. It's such a waste to not allow XenForo's own internal content to be displayed outside of the site! Horrible idea...

So yea, BUMP!