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Hey All,

Been encouraged to showcase my personal site https://www.rpnation.com

We just got a new logo designed today by an illustrator. Style changes and stuff will be coming soon.

We do a few things we plan to release to the community once we touch them up a bit more like our collection of home made bbcodes, which can be seen here. We also use the tabs addon by @Jon W which he has improved for us in the past.

This allows members to link many threads together to create a fantastic writing/RolePlay Experiance for users and keep everything organized.

Our RP areas look like this:

We also created our own looking for RP system which you can fill out or opt out during registration our site.

We have also created a few modifications and stuff we might release for the sidebar:

Basically theres a lot of important links and you can "Customize" the ones you want to appear and insert your own.

There are so many more things to showcase but I feel that its too much.

Let me know what you think :).


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Very clean, very fun forum. I've certainly had an enjoyable time while I have been here. If you're into role playing, this is definitely a destination for you. (y)

The Dark Wizard

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Recently reworked the site's design from the ground up using @Russ' amazing Flatawesome+
  • Have been removing 200+ addons since I lost posted. We now have 44 addons with two currently disabled. (With about one of those being only vital to the site due to our roleplay system)
  • Just moved the site to a dedicated server in California(giving webnx a shot, since I don't own any servers in California) and have been obsessed with squeezing every ounce of page load time I can get. I currently use MaxCDN, have for a few years now as well.
  • Massively shrunk the logo, refreshed the colors and all that good stuff
Let me know what you all think!

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We've also gone up 2mill+ in the last 5-6 months, we are at 4,296,014 total posts as of the writing of this. We peak out around 1000 to 1200k users online after 8pm my time, usually when all the teens and adults get out of school/work to come write.