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[RIKE] Require X Posts to create new Thread


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Postcount For Threads is a simple modification written for XenForo, enabling you to require your forum members to have a set number of posts before being allowed to post new threads in specific forums.

The main goal for this is to help reduce spam. For example if you had a 'show and tell' forum, which allowed members to post their website URL's for review, the chances are you've been hit by people who register and post just to get a link back.

Whilst this doesn't completely stop that, it serves as a way to make spammers work harder!

  • Complete settings via XenForo AdminCP Options.
  • Ability to set an unlimited number of forums to be covered by this mod.
  • Custom HTML error message, with templated postcount and posts required.
  • Set the number of posts you wish to make your members have.

Please note that this is a BETA release and works on XenForo 1.0.0 RC2.



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Can't you make a group based on number of posts? Then give that group permission to post, and registered user's revoked ability to post?

It's the same effect right?


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Kind of - its a bit of a messy/complicated way of doing it though (IMO of course). The main benefit here is that you aren't presenting, what could be a new and inexperienced user with a standard non-descriptive error. You can give them a full blown HTML based page explaining why they cant create that thread.


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Great addon!!!!

Just a tip for future releases, you can add an option maybe for Premium Members section, so when normal members are trying to browse that forum they will just get a customized error to upgrade their membership ! :D


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I've unfortunately not got a copy of XF setup at the moment. I've got some free time next week so will see about getting this updated.