XF 1.2 Ribbons For Standard User 'Trophy' Titles?


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I seem to be a bit confused about the whole user title business. It now seems to me that there are two types of user titles -

1. Trophy User Titles
2. User Titles Associated With User Groups

XF 1.2 has inbuilt ribbon display system for #2 above, that is the user titles associated with user groups. On my setup - I've only three user groups (apart from the default ones) - so that I can have three different set of permissions to the users based on their post count and likes received.

In 1.2 - the postbit displays the #1 - "Tropy User Titles" , just below the user name.

I want to -

1. Display these 'trophy' user titles' in ribbons. Which I think is not possible with the default XF 1.2 setup.
2. Color these ribbons differently, for different 'Trophy User Titles".

Can someone tell me how to achieve this and suggest any add-ons (the User Title Ribbons Addon seems to do exactly what's now a part of XF 1.2).


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Well, I'll have to look into how to make it work.

I'm wondering - Do I really need to create 10 user groups to have 10 different titles? Was there any specific reason XF 1.2 gives priority to user titles for user groups and not to the trophy user titles?