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Ressources Manager


when the add-on Ressources Manager becomes available?

because you own it but you do not share.

I think it's really not trader.

Steve F

Well-known member
Where have they said they *are* releasing it? And where is the announcement about it being released around the time of 1.2?
Please note that this is an early version of the Resource Manager. We will be adding features and fixing bugs with it over time. Most notably, it does not support any sort of payment system, so paid resources cannot be released through it (see below). It will eventually be released as an official XenForo add-on. Pricing and release date will be announced at a future date.


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There's nothing to say that they have to release something they've made for their site to assist in the way it works.

I think you're being rather rude to be honest.


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I stand corrected regarding actual release - apologies; but with 1.2?
Seeing as it isn't out now and we're in the last month of Q2, it's just an assumption that when XF 1.2 is released, along with it would be the release the RM. Not to say that is what will happen but it seems like a logical guess if feature development for XF 1.2 is complete so they can focus on bug-fixing/adjustments only for the RM and XF 1.2.


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Kier, Ashley, and Mikey, hasn't released it yet because there are still bugs to be fixed. That is what's good about XenForo. They don't rush things. They fix it so it's perfect when it's released.

Brandon Sheley

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He uses this add-on for quite some time now, I find it abused not want to share
feel free to code your own version :)

It is running here and will be released at some point.
I can't think of a need for the RM so I haven't been following it, but I am certain it will be released here at some point.
It's your option to wait or come back later.