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XF 1.1 Replacing censored words with "nothing"



I would like to add some censored words/phrases in Xenforo´s Censoring Options but instead to replace a censored word/phrase with anything less offensive I just want to make it "disappear" means replace with a space or similiar... Is that possible?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You can have space as your censor character. But continuous spaces only display one space.

So this is a ****ing censorable word


So this is a ing censorable word.

Multiple spaces aren't supported in HTML in general when used like that.

I'd suggest the replacement character being _ looks better IMO:

So this is a ____ing censorable word.


Its a whole Text i want to get rid off, so a space might be better.... Thanks for your Help

Edit: Is there a way to use joker. Like... Words to Censor: I want to *

If someone writes "i want to read a book" this gets "vanished"?!

Neil E.

Active member
For a longer blank, you might try inserting a "space"+"non-breaking space"+"space"+"non-breaking space" as needed to get a wide actual space

"space" = spacebar

"non-breaking space" = &nbsp