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Any idea why I'm missing some icons and social media icons?

Update: I fixed the issue by doing a "Force Reinstall" with the UI.X mod. Man, I'm glad you guys made that mod, it makes things easier, IMO.

Carla Birch

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@Mike Creuzer I seem to have a problem this morning where the Glyphs icons are not loading.


Do you have any ideas what might be wrong? Was working before and all i have done lately is unistall some old addons that where turned off anyway.

Carla Birch

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@Mike Creuzer Fixed it, was due to SSL and the server blocking the font being loaded from CDN, had to add
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
  <FilesMatch "\.(svg|ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|woff2|font.css|css|js)$">
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
to my .htaccess

Mike Creuzer

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Mike Creuzer updated Reneue with a new update entry:

Huge Update

Hi all,

We'd like to apologize for the time it took to get this update out. Due to the nature of how we've done releases in the past, we got stuck in a backlog of UI.X bugs that we were not content with releasing. We wanted to wait until we got all the issues knocked out. So here we are. All bugs reported to us have been addressed!We did the very best we could to make this as stable a release as possible, but very important that you:
Read the rest of this update entry...
Bought the style a few days ago and am really liking it. I need to customize the colors beyond just changing the color palette - do you happen to have mapped out which divs are receiving which @ color properties? That'd be a huge help for me.
Great theme! But trying to hash out how to properly size the logo for mobile is harder than it should be. My logo, no matter how large the original (from 200px wide to 800 px wide), shrinks to 46px X 22px in responsive. Why, and how can this be adjusted?

I figured it out. You hardcoded the responsive width of the logo based on your "Reneue" logo.


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Now I think the only thing I need is to have you fix the alignment issue in responsive. The following are screen caps from your style demo that are also duplicated on my site, when viewed on my iPhone. From testing on a desktop, those divs appear to break when screen size <324px.


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