Style Reneue from Audentio Design

Mike Creuzer

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Hey all,

Got another design here. This is "Reneue", pronounced Renew -- its hipster :p. All the other designs we've posted are coded and ready to go, we are just waiting on some optimization work on UI.X that is kinda proving difficult. I do apologize for the delay, am trying my best. This was done early in the morning when I couldn't sleep so no time lost :p

Opinions appreciated!


Enguerran A

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Nice one, I really prefer the legal footer like this. Way better than in UI.X alone (and other old child theme) and I particularly love the userbar ;) I'm wondering how the thread view looks like and of course, how it will works with postbit (will it be possible to switch from Scratch from Intrinsic using Reneue etc..)