Render Problem with firefox 5.0



I've posted some time ago in an other thread, that i have problems loading threads on my page.
Since some days i'm having this problem in ALL xenforo communities.

Most of the pages are loading and loading and loading...

(that's how the browser look like for minutes.. :( )

I thought it's a problem with my internet connection, but it's working fine in crome AND if i check the sourcecode of the "still loading" page, i'm getting the FULL source.


It's also not working in the safe mode:(

I've deinstalled firefox now... Too many problems


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I thought it was my internet connection too.. Contacted my hosting company..


My domains and are loading slowly for me. Can you please offer assistance?


started using chrome and works fine...

Sadik B

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Firefox 5 has this ANNOYING offline cache storage which does not get cleared when you clear cookies and cache the normal way. I wasted two hours of my time because when I made changes to my htaccess file for a rewrite the change would apply to Chrome and IE but not firefox. I tested n different regexes in my htaccess thinking it was a problem with my htaccess code.

Finally hours later googling made me realize that firefox caches htaccess and other things not in the traditional cache but in a separate place. To clear that you have to go to Options->Network->Offline Storage->Clear Now

Did that and my htaccess changes got applied instantly.