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Steve F

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Here we have a nice light style good for any site. Default layouts once again fairly lite with only a few images and very little CSS changes all done via the EXTRA.css template.

Installation: Instructions in the README.txt within the download.

Contributers: Shelley for the use of her quicknav.psd


Usage: You are permitted to use this style free of charge on any number of your forums so long as you do not redistribute the package in any way shape of form!




  • Refresh-XenForo-1.1.1.zip
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Style Updated to XF 1.1.1
  • Fixed sidebar Heading border-radius (bottom)
  • Added node-sprites and UI sprite
  • Removed footer link
Wow very nice I would have used it if I didnt do so many template edits on my custom one, and im to lazy to re do it on a new theme. Great Job!
I am really liking this.

I also really wish that something else could be done with that search box. I honestly do not like it's position.
However, I do love the arrows on the nav in place of the tabs.

Great job!
Love your style, thank you for sharing it! Between your very nice style, and Xenforo, it is very easy to get a professional looking product without pulling out any hair. :)

So, I've been making changes to your style, nothing major, but I can not figure out the background color for the "Inbox" & "Alerts" tabs on the right. Everytime I think I have it figured out I'm not truly there. I found the hover state, but once the pop up opens up I can not figure out how to get rid of the background color on the tab. Or where to change that color. Any clues would be great.. I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

Navigate to the "Popup Menus" section in the style properties for the Refresh style.

Popup Control (closed, hover) & Popup Control (open) should get you heading in the correct direction.
Thank you! Don't know how I missed that one.. I ended up using a transparency there instead as I was talked into a photographic header background.
Love this style. I think I just found a style for one of my sites. Now I need to get someone to create a logo for me. Good Work!
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