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Redirect after clicking on confirmation mail link

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Hi there!

I've been searching all day but I can't seem to find a way to automatically redirect (if possible after 3 seconds or so) a user to my blog site at www.site.com instead of just waiting for the user to click something.

I've hear it has to do something with:
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> register_confirm
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates ->register_process

-New user registers, and a message of a confirmation email has been sent
-New user goes to email account and clicks link
-A page with "Your account has been confirmed"
(3 seconds after)
(redirects to www.site.com)

My forum url is: www.site.com/forum
My blos ulr is: www.site.com

I would really appreciate your help with this, it might be an easy one but I just can't understand xenforo hooks.


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