XF 1.2 Redactor 9.1.9?


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I hope so because I need to use it for my project. I actually have to manually modify xenforo.js and figure out what needs to be changed to make it work...


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Does Redactor 9 support IE8?
Redactor Blog - Redactor 9 has landed said:
There were also some difficult decisions made along the way. Redactor does not support IE8 anymore, it is now IE9+. Redactor also does not support Opera for the time being, until Opera transitions to the Webkit engine. There is, however, an option to still add some compatibility using rangy library ('rangy: true' launch setting), but there's no guarantee or support for it.


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Afaik, XenForo wants to keep IE8+ support for now, hence the move to Redactor 9 isn't on the cards at the moment.