Rebuilding templates fails


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First off, I have been importing over 100 language files (all of the same language) and only once my database table crashed. This time something else broke, the rebuilding of templates. When I attempt to import a language file, everything goes smooth until the rebuilding of templates starts. I get this error:

An error occured or the request was stopped.

And then this error changes to this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in C:\Winginx\home\xen\library\XenForo\Template\Compiler\Lexer.php on line 1275

Of course I haven't touched any core files, so I have no idea where the unexpected '<' came from. Strange is that nothing was recorded in the server error log. I have restarted Winginx but the error persisted. Any other ideas?


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Update: The File Health Check says this:

File does not contain expected contents.

I have overwritten the Lexer.php file with a fresh copy and the problem is solved. So this means that something changed the Lexer.php file. How is this possible? A bug in the compiler code?


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Do you have a copy of the modified file?
No sorry I hastily overwrote it :(
But I checked line 1275 of both files and couldn't find the mentioned '<' character in either file. Both had the same line:
$r = $this->{'yy_r9_' . $this->token}($yysubmatches);

If there is nothing that writes to that file I speculate that some add-on did this, perhaps TMS. Of course I have nothing to back this up.