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Rebuild User Cache with cron entry


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I don't want to open an another thread, but I'm in a similar situation.
I've created a new usergroup called Birthday, so each user celebrating his birthday is promoted for one day.
The issue is: the promotion only works if the user logs into the forum on hist birthday, otherwise I have to run "Rebuild User Group Promotions" via cron.


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The promotion adds a banner to the username, that's the only thing that this promotion does.
Most people don't have time for the forum on their birthday (family/birthday trip/etc), but the rest of the forum can write some "Birthday wishes" on his profile page, dedicated thread, etc, after noticing the "birthday banner".

Jeremy P

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You could accomplish something similar with template edits and avoid the overhead and limitations of the promotion system, but I realize it's a bit cumbersome in its own right:

<xen:if is="{$user.dob_day} == {xen:date $serverTime, 'd'} AND {$user.dob_month} == {xen:date $serverTime, 'm'}">
    <em class="userBanner wrapped" itemprop="title">
Putting that in the right place in the message_user_info and member_view templates would show the banner in posts and on the profile. You could customize it further with CSS classes on the <em> tag.

The downside being it relies on the server's timezone, not the forum's/user's. I'm not sure if there's a way around that.
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