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[] Copy Paste Read More 1.1.1

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Yes, it is similar, it has some more options specifically for xenForo. There are some more options and highly customisable. At the moment there is no tracking of what has been copied from your site, but is a planned feature for the Pro version. The biggest difference is a third-party does not get access to your site's content. :D


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I have a suggestion i think you should make it so then it can be modified down to the point of rank or someones username if that admin wants to do that


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Thank you! Right default setting - to disable currently logged users.
Will you please tell me how to change "Text to append" parameter to get link title without page number (generated by {page_title}? I mean - to see only "Topic title | Forum name".


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Does not work for me.
It trims the text and bring up Read More at: and Copyright. But no link.

And another thing is it trim also if i copy a link from my gallery to paste it into the editor.

This should only work with content in Post.