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ragtek Show Only Own Threads



This add-on allows your users to filter only there threads on the forum display.

There's 1 small design issue, i don't know why the checkbox is placed so strange.

1.0.1 => fixes pagination bug
1.0.2 => bugfix release
1.0.3 => fixes a small design issue

(Add-on sponsored by http://ragtek.org/xenforo :D )




Nice idea. :D Page navigation doesn't work, if you have more than 1 page of own threads. :(
hm, that's true:(
thx for reporting, let's see if i can find a way to include this into the pagenav url
(or, maybe i could use a cookie for this (note for myself^^)


ok, now i can navigate (paginate) through the own threads.
...but deactivating the checkbox doesn't works. :( nowhere:eek:
Sorry, it seems that i was a little bit too impatient yesterday.

It's working on my localhost devboard, but i can confirm the problem on an live board.

Edit: 1.0.2 released:)
There's 1 small design issue, i don't know why the checkbox is placed so strange.
I'm too stupid (oder wie Du sagen würdest: deppert) to verticle-align: middle the checkbox, but i maked it with the text that way in my style:
.DiscussionListOptions .controlGroup, .DiscussionListOptions .buttonGroup
line-height: 28px;
Now your text is in the same line as the other. ;)
And in the translation i gave your phrase a blank in the end. Now it looks ok (for me).


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Ragtek, is it possible to have option "show only own threads plus do not show user's threads to all other users?" I mean hide from all but show to self.