Quoting a name without a post link

Ryan Kent

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This is probably being too picky, but I wanted to ask and possibly learn something

Robert Frost said:
A jury consists of twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer.
When a quote like this is made, i.e. one that does not link to a post, a link is created which creates a record in my sitemap. The link would be to xenforo.com/goto/ and there is no post?id= because there isn't actually a post.

I am working on filtering through my sitemap and cleaning things up. Is there a better way to make a quote that doesn't create a link?


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I don't understand what you're reporting because there's no link being outputted there. This sounds like an issue related to custom development.


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I suspect this is related to the sitemap add-on.

It would be better asking in the thread for the add-on.

Ryan Kent

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Actually, it is not related to a sitemap add-on, but it is related to an add-on. An issue arises with quotes in the add-on that doesn't occur in XF. My apologies.