Questions Relating to xenForo on my Server

Dave Webster

New member
I recently purchased a license for xenForo and intend to use it as a forum on a content style web site.

Due to the site's subject I'm sure the forum will remain quite small. But I'm concerned about server resources. I have a CPanel VPS with 1 gig RAM and plenty of bandwidth. All together I have about 2o sites, all content style sites (no CMS, no other fora).

A few very small mySQL databases.

Last server status showed:

System information
Server load 0.15 (16 CPUs)
Memory Used 27.33% (286,532 of 1,048,576)
Swap Used 0% (0 of 1)

Any caveats about adding xenForo to the server?

Dave Webster

New member
Back again .. with an important question.

I had a change of mind about on which domain I want to establish the community. Is it a big deal to change the domain for registration purposes? Nothing has been installed.

Also, I want to buy that new $20 gizmo. Sound like a neat tool. :)