Question about Trophies

I read that if you get a trophy based on posts/likes and if those posts/likes become removed, you still keep the corresponding trophy. So does that mean there is no trophy recount/retroactive update?

For any kind of systems similar to this I think it would be handy to have that feature. Not only would it help in the case above, but if for example, later on you think you've set the trophy values too high or too low or maybe you think the values didn't even make sense, you could change them and have everyone's trophy count adjust with it. Is this doable currently?


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Trophies are one shot events.
Once awarded they aren't removed if the qualifying criteria is no longer met.


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Just remove the trophy from the admin area completely, which would remove the trophy from everyone's profile. Then re-add the same trophy with different criteria. I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work.