Question about extending default models, controllers, etc


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While I have a fairly good grasp of the structure of XF, I am primarily a python developer so I really have no good sense of "right and wrong" so to speak. I can look at something in Python and say "OMG thats crap!", but php not so much.

I am busy adding a thread rating system (you know the ones, with the little JS stars) and wanted to extend the Thread model. Here was my approach:


class ThreadRating_Model_ThreadRating extends XenForo_Model_Thread
    public function prepareThread(array $thread, array $forum, array $nodePermissions = null, array $viewingUser = null) {
        $thread = parent::prepareThread($thread, $forum, $nodePermissions, $viewingUser);
        $thread['rating'] = 2; /* code to fetch avg rating here */
        return $thread;

This looks like dammit to me.... Is this intended usage? It works fine. School me please.



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Looks right to me :) You just need to extend the class through a code listener which I presume you've done?


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Oh yeah, its all functional etc. Just wanted to make sure my use of parent and manipulating the return value was cool.


Chris are you working on an thread rate add-on?
Would you pls share this with us?:)


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Technically, it should extend XFCP_ThreadRating_Model_ThreadRating. Otherwise, if someone installs another addon that extends the thread model, then installs yours (if your code listener executes last), it would skip over the other addon's extension.

How it would execute:
class XFCP_OtherAddon_Model_Thread extends XenForo_Model_Thread {} // generated
class OtherAddon_Model_Thread extends XFCP_OtherAddon_Model_Thread { code }
class XFCP_ThreadRating_Model_ThreadRating extends OtherAddon_Model_Thread {} // generated
class ThreadRating_Model_ThreadRating extends XenForo_Model_Thread { code }
So, your thread rating model would end up "skipping over" the other addon and breaking the chain.