PXB.net.br - Brazilian Xbox community


We recently converted our boards from the terrible VBulletin 5 to XenForo, and the community are very happy and satisfied with everything. It's an almost 8 years old website, with a great history in the brazilian videogames market. With the VB5 we were almost like a zombie, but the XenForo brought the lights back! :D

Wordpress website: http://www.pxb.net.br
Xenforo boards: http://www.pxb.net.br/comunidade
The next move is try to integrate Xenforo into my homepage, they are too distance from each other right now. I'm looking for some addons here, like comments and threads/post integration. I'll begin some tests and hope that everything works fine.

My biggest challenge today is that I'm a designer and do not have a back-end developer in my team right now, so there are many things that I simply don't understand :oops:.
Yet found a lot of help from some users here! :)