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PwnedGamers Moods (version 1.0) - A re-take on Dismounted's XenMoods Add-On

A few things first.

A big thanks to Dismounted for releasing so a superb addon, XenMoods.

Everyone has their opinions on how moods should look, or what they represent, so we went in a different direction. Being a gaming website, we decided to use it as a feature for members who want to show what they are "Now Playing". I have decided to release the images, in case anyone else wants to do something close, or wants to use them, or do whatever they feel the need with the images.

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Will you be updating this image pack with more games as time goes by?
I usually just add the game members want when requested. I had that huge list already, just wanted to share them. If after a while I start amassing more, I will of course release the updated collection.