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Pulldowns are not closing on Mouse left a tab



Is there a way to close the Pulldown Menu of a navbar Tab, if the mouse leaves it or moves over another Tab, instead of leaving it open?
Same with Profile. If i move the Mouse over the Arrow (down) next to my Nick, the Pulldown Menu opens and if i klick on the Arrow (up) i will be redirected to my Profile Page instead of just closing the menu.


XenForo developer
Staff member
That would require JS modifications. I normally hate "popup go away on hover exit" menus; they're so tedious to use (especially in 2-level navigation setups).


Ok i can understand that point, but for me its a bit... i dont now if thats correct, obstruct.
My personal opinion ;)
btw. No Advertise. A good example of what i mean can be found here
Hover over the navigation