Project Bloodfang - New PC Build Log.


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So for me, building a new PC is akin to when others buy a new car. It's never a light purchase, and its inteded to last a good few years. In fact, my current PC is based on (and still uses) first gen consumer SSD's, so is going on 5+ years now, yet still lets me run most modern games on high graphics :)

Anyway, now its time for a new build, so, as you WoW players will recall, rogue tier 2 armor, black and dark red, sexy! So that is the basis of this build, dark red and black.


Unfortunately, helper rabbit is no longer with us, so this will be the first extreme build without her i've done, since i'm now going to have to collect screwdrivers on my own, decided to give her a mention :).


Without further adue, onto the build!

Case Assembly

An extreme build needs an extreme case. Unfortunately, theres only one company who produce such cases, Case Labs. A few weeks back I took delivery of a rather... huge box...


So lets put it together!

Central divide with top and bottom chamber seperators

Add the back plate on

The top and bottom frames

Time to add the front...

Lets add some drive cages, and an IO panel

Slot the motherboard tray and adjust the runners to make it nice and firm...

Add the back panel.

Time for some sides


Add some top and bottom chamber covers

And finally the front cover...

All done! For now...


Mike Edge

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My Rogue's transmog is still Bloodfang. To this day it is still the best looking Rogue tier set

*stealths into Slav's house* /cast sap target= Slavik picks up case.. /cast vanish /cast sprint


Formerly Wuebit
I think Slav is trying to build the UK version of Swifty's Gaming House :D
We don't want that tool in the UK thanks. we have too many as it is...

*May actually just be glass crystals, just decorative, but when the sunlight hits them they fill the room up with rainbow colors all over the walls
Thanks my Nanna used to have some and I never asked her what they was for.

Adam Howard

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Good man... Full size tower. You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) on what most people count as "full size".

Much like you, when I build a computer I want it to last years. At least 1/2 a decade before I even need to think about the system requirements on any software package.


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Real nice! I've never heard of assembling your own case before (most of the fantasy builds I've specced out are budget, heh). I assume you're going to go with some red LEDs to match your character? Or just get components with red accents (or add them yourself)?

I've never been a fan of LEDs personally, but part of that may just be because my computer is in my bedroom.


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So Clive, the local DPD driver came this morning with 3 boxes from OcUK!

Oh, shiney

Mayhems coolants to mix up about 2 litres of blood red pastel :)

CPU and EK Supremacy waterblock

All laid out

Closeups of the block, excellent craftmanship.

CPU closeup, looks like a good overclocker don't you think!

One, sexy, sexy motherboard, with EK blocks installed.



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So, was bored so decided to get the CPU and Mobo sorted.

All laid out ready to go... it wont stay this tidy :)

CPU in, even after doing this many many times, the horrible crushing sound when you tighten those clamps still makes me cringe!!

Waterblock on, unfortunately I had to lift it off about halfway down, fortunately the spreading of the TIM was still relatively in the middle (it was waterblock weight only, no pressure had been applied) and mostly still globbed up, so hopefully there wont be any issues there, I may take it off and completely re-apply just to be sure.

Nice and snug

Lets get it settled onto the tray.

So I also decided to mix up the coolant ready, sure it may be a few weeks away before it's needed, but no harm and it means I can get the color absolutely perfect :) This time around, not so right, I forgot to order some blue so just ended up with this pinky color! Bah!!!