Add-on Prefixes as Forum-Description Text-Links


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I just had an idea regarding Prefixes:
what about having the Prefixes listed in the Forum-description as "text links" ?

This would be a cool thing which lets the user click onto those Prefixes (Categories) directly from the Homepage and let the user go directly to his point (threads) of interest.

So literally showing the Links to Prefixes as the Forum-description, of course when the Forum-description is being displayed directly, not as a tooltip-overlay.

Of course this could be easily done by just manually entering the Links into the Forum-description-field, but I would like to have this to work automatically. So when I change a Prefix or add a Prefix, so that this gets updated automatically.

<a href="/forums/business-directory.27/?prefix_id=5">Fashion & Textiles</a>
There need to be following options in ACP:
- having the option to decide for which Forum-Node you want to display Prefixes within the "Forum-description".
- option to select which "Prefix-Group" you want to show within the "Forum-description".
- show those Prefix-Links only if there is a thread available containing that specific Prefix.
- show ALL Prefixes in the Forum-description, even if there is no thread (yet) available containing that specific Prefix.

"Sort Order" of Prefixes within the Forum-description:
- Prefixes alphabetically
- show Prefixes first which already have a Thread associated with it, then show Prefixes which are not used within a Thread (yet).

Alternatively, the following "Sort Order" for Prefixes within the Forum-description:
only show Prefixes which already have a Thread associated with it, then put a Link named "show more categories..." which when clicked shows the full list of Prefixes, even the ones which are not yet used at a Thread.

Anyone talented coders out there to make an add-on for this?

Please let me know how much you are asking for such an add-on.