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Add-on Prefix Listing to replace sub-foums

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Lone Wolf, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Well-Known Member

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone is working on a prefix listing add-on for 1.2. Basically I would like to use the prefixes instead of subforums so that users can click on the prefix to create their own subforum. Also I would like the prefixes to appear in the forum blurb on the forum homepage.

    Is anyone working on anything like this? I know there's already an add-on but the author seems to have abandoned it.
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  2. Hoolio

    Hoolio Active Member

    I want this too - on Forum Home, instead of sub forum descriptions - I just want a bunch of prefix tabs

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