Not a bug Possible issue with typed code event listeners


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I’m not sure if this is actually a bug, more trying to sound out if anyone else is seeing the same.

In the 2 hours or so since 2.2.13 released, we had 2 people both on 2.2.13 report errors about entity columns or relations not being defined. In both instances the column/relation is defined in a code event listener (entity_structure with an event hint value of an entity class) with code dating back to 2018/19.

I’ve not seen this sort of thing reported before, so 2 instances within hours of 2.2.13 is strange - more so considering that I can’t reproduce the issue locally (tried with developer mode enabled and disabled). However, it seems like too much of a coincidence given the timing for 2 people to have the same symptom. I noticed there was a change to event listener hints, but that change looks fairly innocuous.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this? Paging @Xon to keep an eye out.
I have many fields with errors now.
XF tells me these fields are not existing.

What is changed here, please?
What I have to do to make these fields "exisiting" again?
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