Positive use of warnings system?


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Could you use the warning system to "promote" people to usergroups that give then extras access/privs?

Use it as a reward system too?


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May I ask how you'd accomplish this without ruining the integrity of the system as a whole? I can see adding points to give people more stuff, but then you'd not be able to use it as an infraction system. Correct?


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It's either or really as you'd have to change the phrases.

You could come up with a generic term I suppose and have good and bad "warnings".

You wouldn't be able to use the warning actions though as the points thresholds would be the same for both.


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Just don't use any points - setup a "Positive" PC to advise of the "extra" you've bestowed, and "promote" to group on using this 'warning'. I think. :)


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I see! So you give no points, add them to the group (Extra User Group) and then give them a private or public Hoo-rah!

Makes sense.


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In a wierd roundabout way it does actually make sense, use it as a reward system instead of a warning system.

If you could award -ve points, you could even use it as both!

i.e. users could work up some credit before they decided to spam the forum to death and get away with it :LOL:


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I was also thinking of using this as a positive system. But you have to better integrate it with the like system.

I also believe reading as a moderator through each message and having a "warn" link under each message does no good. It would be far better to have a neutral "more..." link where all these things are triggered.