XF 1.4 Positioning the Alerts & Conversations Menus


Hi all,

So I am doing something very similar to this thread

I have the CSS:
#ConversationsMenu, #AlertsMenu {
    margin-left: -263px;
    margin-top: -42px;
and it works perfect when I am viewing the page with the browser width the size of my screen, and no browser zoom

However, if I make the size of my browser smaller, or browser zoom (Command +), the Alerts and Conversation menu no longer appear.

They are actually far left off-screen, because for some reason the two menus have a "left:0" position set by XF. If I disable the margin-left however, they display properly.

I've experimented with different negative values of margin-left, and when it reaches a certain negative number, anything beyond that causes XF to set the "left: 0px" property for the menus.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on this? I am working on a custom Style, but I was also able to replicate this in the Default style.

Thanks so much!


Wondering if this could be a bug in the way the XF javascript calculates 'top' and 'left' positions of the dropdown?

Adam K M

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However, if I make the size of my browser smaller,
If you refresh the page while your browser is smaller, does this still happen?

I'm not really much of a fan of Javascript so I can't really help, but if you deem it unlikely to fix this error, it might be worth investigating creating your own account control popups - ones independent of whatever Javascript is causing your problems.