[Poll] Theme? Style? Skin?

What should the different Look and Feel's be called?

  • Styles

    Votes: 18 24.3%
  • Skins

    Votes: 16 21.6%
  • Themes

    Votes: 40 54.1%

  • Total voters


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What do you think they should be called?

I started out in forums on vB 2. something and got used to them being called styles... then moved to IPB and have gotten used to them being called Skins... But I also have always liked themes... hmmm

I know I read somewhere that the Devs have started out by calling them styles and it is a bit of a pain to change it now, but I just wondered what everyone thought.. would it be nice to have the common name for them be a bit different to other similar software?

Sean James

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I like the word Skin, spent alot of time doing SEO for the keyword 'Templates' but this is not very popular anymore


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there's no "I don't care" or "all three" option :D I regularly use all three words - it depends on who I'm talking to and if they know what I'm talking about hehehe


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I don't think it really matters what term is used. As long as

  1. The style looks good
  2. the layout is structured nicely
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Occasion activates a popup box asking if you want a re-fill (coffee of course)
I'm really not too fussed.


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I like the term theme but I'd rather their time be spend productively improving the product than changing all references from "style" to "theme".


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ugh I accidentally clicked on Theme and wish I could change it. I mean to vote style.

To me, theme means a topic, or setting. As in a holiday theme, or easter theme, etc.
That said, I usually use style.


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We'll just manually adjust for your vote Peggy :D

*remembers - minus 1 for Theme, Plus 1 for Styles, carry the one.. oh hang on >_<


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I like the term "Skin" as it seems to fit into the over all feeling of XenForo. I think it is a more widely used term amongst normal users on various social sites than style or theme.


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"Skin" sounds like a term used by adolescent teenagers so anything but that please.