Lack of interest Polish "Show online status", which is available in 3 different places


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Maybe a bug report, maybe a feature request...

a) I think it's somewhat confusing to have the "show online status" setting on two settings pages-- It's on the "Preferences" page as "Allow other people to see what page you are currently viewing", but doesn't mention "show online status", and it's on the "Privacy" page as "Show your online status". I would have it only on the "Privacy" page and the visitor pull down menu, and remove it from the "Preferences" page.

b) If you change your "show online status" setting via the visitor pull down menu and you are currently viewing the "Privacy" page, then change the checked state of the checkbox on the Privacy page as well. If you change it on the Privacy page and save, then also change the check state in the visitor pull down menu. Do the same for the Preferences page, if the setting is to stay there. Theoretically, you could change your "show online status" in the visitor pull down, then accidentally revert that change by saving the "Privacy" settings, etc. </anal mode>