Fixed  Phrases search not persistent


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Let me try and see if I can somehow explain this.

If I want to adapt a specific group of templates, I can enter a search criteria. I can then edit templates, and upon returning, my search criteria will still be in the search box, ensuring i do not have to constantly type the same term again.

The same does not work in Phrases. I had to re-enter the search term time and time again. If possible, I'd like to see the two share the same behaviour (preferably keeping the term).


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This is relatively easy to change, and makes more sense now that I got rid of the page nav with ajax-based phrase/user searches. However, it does introduce a weirdness because the data isn't there locally, so it has to be fetched with ajax. That means that you get a delay and "flicker" (if you want to call it that). That will really depend on how quickly the server responds.

On the whole, that probably is preferable though.