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Phrase Diff Tool


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I wrote a small tool to grab the list of added/updated/deleted phrases between two "phrases.xml" files from installation data. It's command-line only right now.

Example usage is:
php xfPhraseDiff.php beta4-phrases.xml beta5-phrases.xml

Which, if ran with the actual beta4/beta5 phrases.xml, files gives you 84 added phrases, 18 updated phrases, and 1 deleted phrase.



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It wouldn't be *that* much harder to make it executable via the browser, but it was much faster to write as a command line script.


Hm i tried it, but i prefer winMerge for this
It shows me much more ( also all the file diff's^^)


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I understand that general diff tools would work, but I think this gives more concise output, and would be easier for most people to read.