XF 1.1 PhpBB3 import problems


I have been developing a Xenforo site locally with no problems, working with an old database just for testing purposes. I am now setting up the live site and have successfully installed Xenforo and applied some basic customisations before making a backup of the database. There is no data in the forum yet just one admin user.

I have a live site which is currently running phpBB3 and I now wish to import this database into XenForo using the built-in convertor. I have all the correct configuration details from the working config.php file – dbname, dbuser, password, tableprefix.

It seems that whatever I enter in the Custom Avatar Path, & Attachment Path boxes just throws up an error, saying that these directories are not found. It must be something simple but I can't figure out why it isn't working. I would be happy to skip this step but it isn't an option in the XenForo ACP.

My current phpBB is installed in: mysite.com/forum

I have an .htacess file in the site root that I thought might be causing some issues (it is setup to redirect the sub-directory /forum to just mysite.com) so I have temporarily set that to 'rewrite off' but it hasn't helped :(

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the replies I had been trying to enter the path from the phpBB3 site root /forum/images but strangely it didn't work for me with ../ either.
However entering the absolute full path of the server /home/name/public_html/files as suggested does work. Thanks guys!