PHP Database GUI for displaying info

Ryan Kent

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I need to make a page which displays information contained in a table within a database. This would be a simple "display-only" page. I do not need to every administrate the data or have users change data.

I am an experienced database developer but I have never developed a web interface. In the past I used Excel and Access to display data. It took me a couple hours to realize I need PHP and not JS for this function :)

An example of what I am trying to do is here:

User selects an item, then the database is queried and the results are shown. The results can be small images, URL links, and basic text info.

Can anyone recommend a tool for performing this type of function?


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Oracle how complex do you want the code, simple select all print? Also what language, can throw some php code your way, but you might prefer or asp?

Okay this is a cut and paste from one of our scripts, for an upcoming product, warning is about 2 generations behind waht Kier and Mike are acheiving with xenForo, but might give you an idea of how to do it. Sure Brogan or someone else can hack it around about as haven't taken out our common routine calls etc.

This is for a simple Country table with only a couple of fields.

    function showall()
        global $templates, $lib, $graphics, $admin_lang;
        $q = "SELECT * FROM lb_country";
        $result = mysql_query($q);
        $num = mysql_num_rows($result);
        $heading = $admin_lang['ctycurrent'];

        $header_row[0] = $admin_lang['ctyid'];
        $header_row[1] = $admin_lang['ctyname'];
        $header_row[2] = $admin_lang['flag'];
        $header_row[3] = $admin_lang['oedit'];
        $header_row[4] = $admin_lang['odelete'];
        $header_num    = 4;
        // Looping madness
        $i = 0; 
        $a = 1;
        $row_num = 4;
        while( $i < $num)
            $country_id = mysql_result($result,$i,"cid");
            $row[0] = $country_id;
            $row[1] = mysql_result($result,$i,"cname");
            $flag   = $graphics."flags/".$country_id.".gif";
            $row[2] = "<img src='".$flag."' />";
            $row[3] = "<a href='admin_country.php?mod=edit&id=".$country_id."'>".$admin_lang['oedit']."</a>";
            $row[4] = "<a href='admin_country.php?mod=del&id=".$country_id."'>".$admin_lang['odelete']."</a>";
            if($a == 1)
                $a = 0;
            } else {
                $a = 1;

Ryan Kent

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The languages I have experience with are VB and SQL. If given the choice I would prefer to stay as close to languages already in use by XF so php would be my desire unless there was some code that was packaged together and solid.

When I made this post I was thinking more of any software package that performed this function, but if your code will do it then that works too. I'll try to learn some php and see if I can't get it to work.

Thanks for the help.


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Im using Php Maker. Really nice programm, but costs a lot of money.
Creating databases is very easy and fast.
try the Demo.