XF 1.1 Permissions single forum OK to post but nowhere else


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I am planning a special support forum for one usergroup which is very important to have.
They don't see each other's threads - that's OK standard XF.
I can make the forum notify and alert re their support posts.

But this is the ONLY forum where they should have permission to post.

I have them currently on read only status everywhere so I use the red Revoke/ NO on their usergroup so they cannot post anywhere.
But my understanding is that this Revoke is a top level strong override so I cannot counteract it with a Green YES permission in one specific forum.

But I DO NOT want to keep barring them off lots of other forums just for the sake of this one YES to post in one place. I will inevitably forgetto bar them one day and cause disaster! Anyway barring them every time I make a new forum is ghastly fiddly.

So w3hat's the easiest way to grant permission in one node only and not have to keep balamcing it with No everywhere else node by node?
To make a group only able to post in one forum, set their posting permissions to "Not Set" in the group itself. Then in the node permissions set them to Allow for that one forum.

Revoke works also, but you would have to Revoke all other forums and then Allow the one. That is more work than is necessary.
You can have group permission to allow and the node permission to revoke. I am guessing that is what you want to achieve (post in all forums, but revoked from one).
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