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Add-on [Paying] Virtual Goods Storefront

Hey there. Currently designing my new website and I don't see any good shop add-ons for my needs.
So, here's a quick brief on what I need:

A store that will execute Linux commands on item purchase, with money going through PayPal. I see Xenforo already has some functionality for this, with Account Upgrades. However, I want a dedicated page similar to my current one on Enjin - JustSurvival (Enjin is so bad for customization... but cheap IMO)
It needs to use Paypal Subscriptions, similar to Account Upgrades, but also one-off item purchases.

Anyone interested? Willing to pay, and, of course it can be put into Xenforo Resources if you wish. I can see other people making use of this. Will PM more details if someone accepts.
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What Linux commands? (Don't have to be specific).
Well, I want the add-on to have enough flexibility and customizability, but I would use it for this:
ssh root@example.com 'bash /home/example.sh'
so it would simply fire off a script on my games server. I don't think that needs root access or anything.
Oh, almost forgot: It would need to make use of the Custom Fields on users, so I can, for example, make the script use variables, so that the user's in-game name is used.
I would wait a week and see if they include a paygate with resource manager. You could then possibly accomplish this.
Good thing I'm leaving plenty of time for this to be completed ;)
But still, I don't have or plan to use the Resource Manager. But, if it's needed just for the payment solution, so be it.
No longer got interest in this; I've come up with an alternate solution.
But if someone else feels that this would be useful, I might be interested again ;)