XF 1.4 Password reset problem


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A user has reported trouble when trying to replace a lost password. The temporary password generated by the system is not accepted when attempting to execute the reset. I've tested this myself, and encountered the same problem. What can I do to resolve this?


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Can you show the specific error that's happening? (Screenshot or direct copy of text.)

If it's just an incorrect password message, please copy the password directly. If you're still having problems, try another password reset.


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Does it work for your own account?
Do you receive the email?

If so, that proves email transport is working and typically it will be due to spam filters.
Ya that's what I dismissed it as at first. but I kept getting told that they received all the emails and stuff. Everything appears to do what it should but the new password never worked. I just had someone go through it last night so I will dig for any more information.

I just went through on my account and it worked with out a problem.

- Checked the XF User Change log and it shows the requests and changes from myself and the problem guy last night exactly the same,
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