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[Paid Work] Looking for assistance in porting homegrown mods


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I have a few tools on my forums that were homegrown, and I'd love taking them with me when I switch to XF. We're a gaming related forum, and the idea is to track completion of certain goals in the game.

The idea is pretty simple. There's two tables in the database for these tools. One lists a specific entity (say, a quest, and some details), and the second one contains nothing but ID references to the first entity, references to the user, and a completion date. (i.e.
UserID = 1, QuestID = 2, Completed = 2001-01-01).

There's two templates making up the front-end application. One is a generic "options" screen, allowing for users to customize their preferences, the second one if providing an oversight of the entries in the entity-table.

I currently run three instances of this app, all sharing a lot of the functionality (by means of the "options" screen), with plans on soon adding (at least) one more. The differences between the individual products are minor; mainly phrasing of output and database tables/fields, so it would be perfect if this would be rewritten to generic classes.

Ideally, an importer covering the translation of vB userids to XF userids will also be done to make my life easier when i go-live with XF.

I'm looking for a coder to help me out with this conversion, and perhaps add some minor improvements . I checked the code for one of the tools, and it's (in vB) about 350 lines of code (which includes all the vB4 variable registrations for the templates, and a fair bit of duplicate code to ensure alternating rows (which for some reason does not work anymore on vB4).

Interested parties (serious enquiries only, please) can start a PC with me and I can provide them with a link to see the tools in action, as well as a list of current and desired functionality. Once we settle on a price and project milestones, I will set up a project at freelancer.com, put money into an escrow account, and set up the milestones in there.

All code will become my property, and I will be free to do with it as I please, including but not limited to creating other instances of the tool, or create derived work with it.

Thanks :)


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I just went through everything, and actually added a single-column table in order to simplify the whole thing a bit more. I ended up counting 5 different functions in the tool, and a lot of the code is mostly repetitive and meant for the shared functionality. I estimate the whole thing would take less than a few hours to whip up.

I'd be willing to give it a go myself, but then would not mind having access to a coder who can guide me on how to accomplish a few of the basics. I'd be more than happy to compensate you for that time as well.


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Bumping this one up. The guy who offered to help out seems to have disappeared from the surface.

We wish to release the new forum soon (in max3 weeks time) - and so we really really need help integrating these into our xf forum :)

Here's a link to one of the trackers on the vb-forum:


And here's another:


There are in total 3 of these trackers - which are connected to the profiles - but are manually 'checked' by the users themselves.

We also have a bug tracker - which is great to have - but not very important for the release of our forum.

Thank you :)


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Thank you :) That is implemented in the Xenforo skin aswell (the first one - I just redid it, because of a few things not working in the 'old' xf skin, and thus we need to implement them in the new version too).

Dunno if you can see it, but the new xf looks like this: www.entropiaplanets.com/xf

As you see, the icons are still need to be added but that will hopefully happen this week. (to see the old new forum with the icon, choose the skin old xenpowa)