Add-on [Paid] Thread Titles as Links


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I am wanting to turn Xenforo into a site like this with different node categories. When making a post you would have the thread title as an outside link like here:

When clicking on a thread it will take you to the outside link that you posted as the thread title. Like this:

I asked Jake Bunce if this was possible with Xenforo and he said this:
You can probably make use of the existing "thread redirect" system. Thread redirects store their link in the xf_thread_redirect table in the database.
Need to add a edit thread title to the moderation action box as you won't be able to edit the post. Also needs to be node specific in case I want to use a node as a forum in the future.

I thinks is a pretty simple mod that wouldn't take much to code.

I am offering $200.00 to have this coded. Time frame ASAP!

Offering a $100.00 BONUS to have this done with-in 24 Hours.

Anyone interested please start a conversation with me.