Add-on [PAID] Integration Timetable Script or own Timetable Script


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Hi There

I'm searching a developer who is able to integrate the following script - or something similar - to xenforo:

Feature Set
- Having a own page forum.url/timetable or as a widget
- In the settings a forum can be specified which shows the events
- Date, Starting Date, Stage and Day are currently all within custom fields which is kinda nice: --> That's how it looks like in the Forums:
- Interface to that script could be 1) a automatically generated xml file based on thread information (e.g. if it would be embedded as widget) or 2) the div-Structure is automatically made by a new script based on the thread information
- User can add an event to their wishlist. The current script is doing that with cookies which is fine for me. DB Table would be a possibility
- Events can be printed in a handout or saved as pdf

Willing to pay for it, but must be delivered by end of next week or I have to look for another solution.
I am relaunching this subject, because I too is looking for an add-on that will allow scheduling schedules for workers.

So for companies, because I would like to enter the schedules of my colleagues available on the internet.

Hope to see an add-on available one day. :)