[OzzModz] Verification Badge

[OzzModz] Verification Badge [Paid] 2.2.1

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How does the verification work?
You setup the criteria for what's required on your site and the member submits the information you require to become verified.
There's a section in this addon to require upload of documents if you require such a thing. At least for one site I work with, it's used to verify vendor information, age & a local address -- therefore if members contact a vendor with a verified badge, it's a sign that they have been vetted by the site management and are a legitimate vendor doing business.

The addon is there just to simply & automate the process which saves a lot of emails & time to collect the necessary info. You can set user criteria for who can request verification, etc.

Before this addon, it was all done manually off-site via paper & emails. Then, we added a member banner for verified accounts.
We did away with all of the manual steps & this also provides that familiar checkmark for verified accounts as soon on other SNS platforms (which is more widely recognized)


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Hey there! Just bought the verification badge add-on for XF2, it is an wonderful addon.

I was running some permissions when I noticed that as an admin, I don't get notified when users submit new verification badge requests. Is there a setting I am missing? Or do I have to go in manually to check?

You see, I run a community who will swarmp us with the requests and with so much thighs to moderate, a reminder or alerts would really help the staff out

I sincerely propose for that to happen. Other than this, I have no other feedbacks. It is really good.
I just bought the plugin and it's a very useful plugin, but it's a problem that administrators don't get notifications. I believe that this problem will be solved.