[OzzModz] Scheduled Content

[OzzModz] Scheduled Content 2.1.2 Patch Level 1

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Feature suggestions:
  1. Move thread when published. It is difficult to wade through several dozen scheduled posts (I'm doing two per week up through early June so far, which I authored in January, but will be finishing out the series which will extend well into 2024) in the forum in which they are posted. I use a staging forum where I can compose, edit and otherwise work on them so the destination forum doesn't continually show that there are new threads. But I then have to move all of those over to the destination forum, and if they are recently authored (I can knock off a dozen in a day), the scheduled threads dominate the content and push current activity down by a few pages. Being able to hold the articles in a staff-only forum, then move them when scheduled, would be a nice feature.

  2. Stick the thread when published. If I author all of the articles with "Stick Thread" enabled, that gives me pages of sticky threads to wade through. Although if they are sticky in a staff-only area before being moved, that would make this feature somewhat irrelevant.
The main thing for me is decluttering a forum of dozens of unpublished articles.
Hi, we are having an issue with alerts. If someone schedules content, no alerts go out when that content is pushed live. Would it be possible to look into enabling this? We have many users complaining that they are sometimes not getting alerts, and it's often popular, high profile posts that get scheduled, making it more of an issue that they aren't notified.
Wanted to check in on this and ask if it is verified by others, and if we might see a fix to eventually be put in place? We are considering disabling the addon due to this notification bug, if there is no intention to fix any time soon. Obviously the decision to patch and the timeframe is up to the developer and we have no expectation for guaranteed support, but it would be nice to know if it's at least on the radar or not.
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