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[OzzModz] Scheduled Content 2.1.2

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Seems like there is a bug while selecting the scheduled date. It automatically selects one date ahead. If I wish to schedule something later today and select 15th May from the Calendar and then the date selected automatically come up as 14th may. And then it asks me to select a future date since 14th is already passed. So I I have to schedule it on 16th, then I will have to select the date 17th from the dropdown calendar. This happens even while manually typing the date instead of picking up from the drop down calendar. As soon as type 15-05-2022 it automatically turns back into 14-05-202
Not sure I'm following all that, but make sure you have the two options in the addon's settings enabled.


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Tried installing this addon today on vB 2.2.10, but the installer just hanged, with the forum giving the error "One or more add-ons currently have actions pending and may be in an inconsistent state. Because of this, some errors may be suppressed and unexpected behavior may occur. If this does not change shortly, please contact the add-on author for guidance."

The addon page shows the addon as action pending, and on mouseover that displays the last action as "install:1".

The addon installed just fine on my test forum a few months back, but that would've been installed on 2.2.8 or 2.2.9, so it may be it's an issue specific to installing on the newly released version?


There appears to be a permissions bug here. Tried enabling for members to only allow scheduling of posts and not threads. This causes users posts to simply become visible immediately upon submitting the scheduled post. Allowing the scheduling of threads fixes the behavior.

Also noted that occasionally a "scheduled" post will also bump the thread and show it in the new posts widget, even if the post itself is not visible. We haven't been able to isolate exactly how to reliably reproduce this issue yet, so we're wondering if it may be cache related?
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I found a bug with scheduled conversation posts: the recipient gets a message alert and email immediately, not at the time it's scheduled.

I sent someone a message that I scheduled for Monday morning. They replied today, saying they could not see my message (which I could see as pending).