Outbrain style recommendations


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I would love to have a box at the bottom of each page of a thread, recommending other threads on my site. Doesn't need to be similar, in fact, outbrain just has to be compelling. So, maybe a thread that's becoming more popular, or maybe a popular thread in another forum/node.

Does something like this exist, or are people interested in having this made?


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Alright, so I used [bd] Widget Framework to pull this off.

  1. Used the Threads Renderer
  2. Set the limit to 6
  3. Cutoff I left default
  4. Selected the forums I wanted to include
  5. Changed Layout to List (similar to forum_view)
  6. Changed Title to "Trending Now on _____ (use your forum name here)
  7. position was set to: hook:thread_view_qr_after (This puts the list after the Quick Reply in the thread view)
  8. Set display order to -10
  9. Also disabled this for mobile.