one-way trip to Mars

Jake Bunce

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I'm gonna apply.



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True! Weren't they supposed to build a space station to sustain life for a small/select community around one of the moons of some random planet? lol


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We talked about this over on our forums. Apparently, it's going to be financed partly by a "Survivor" type game show for the selection process. Many members started nominating those they'd like to go to Mars (and never come back) like Pelosi, Obama and even Kim Jung Un was on the nomination list. I think even Beiber made the list. Hell, they really want to make money, they should continue the show after they arrive on Mars, showing how they adapt and fair the solitude. Watching them argue and learn to survive in a Martian world... Now, that would pull in the ratings. LOL.

Jake, I think you'd do good there. You've always wanted a micro-home.


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When reading through the threaded CNN discussion one post flashed yellow with a "a new comment was written just a moment ago". I clicked on it and the new comment appeared. How cool is that!


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As it is not bad enough that we ****ed up the earth, now we gotta **** up the other planets too.

Yup. This is a big if. If this Nigerian (what I can see is another form of nigerian scamming company) will undo NASA's hard work in keeping the planet contaminant free from terrestrial organisms.

You gotta laugh though, I like how the image further up the post has some kind of mars mound with a habitat leading into it. what are they planning? to house humans with radioactive mars soil? :LOL:

Personally, my own opinion and I can't believe people are actually buying into this utter garbage. Makes you wonder, how much are the executives being paid to run this show? there's an agenda and financial motive incentive right there.

Forget that Mars has dust storms I sure hope those solar panels tilt because the last thing any person would do is go out when one of the major dust storms hit and clean it (if that is even possible). :ROFLMAO:

Verdict: SCAM


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The future of space travel isn't NASA. Private enterprise is going to be the driving force behind a lot of future space ventures. SpaceX corporation is already under contract to deliver supplies to the International Space Station with their Dragon spacecraft.